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    You’re an automotive enthusiast, a connoisseur of fine machines; only the best will do. Each car you own – whether it’s an exotic supercar, an antique muscle car or a limited production modern collector vehicle – is mechanically and visually perfect down to the minutest cosmetic detail. These are not just cars to you; they are rolling pieces of fine art where form and function meet in perfect harmony. So when it comes to insurance, why not consider insuring their property damage coverage on a personal articles policy?

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    Homeowner insurance isn’t just for the structure of your house. It also provides protection for most of your personal possessions. Some possessions of special value may require additional protection through a personal articles floater that can provide coverage beyond your standard policy.

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    A wine collection is a wonderful thing, and a personal one at that — a selection of your favorite wines, aging quietly and, one hopes, increasing both in quality and value. You have invested time and effort into building your cellar. Take steps to ensure that your wine is protected.

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    Your collection is your passion. You’ve put your TLC into a unique grouping of objects that tells the story of your specific taste, love of the arts and desire to preserve these items for future generations. When you’re asked to loan a piece or your collection to a museum exhibit, you have the satisfaction of sharing your vision with the world.

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    As you make emergency plans for your home or business, be sure to include a disaster plan for your fine art and valuable collectibles. While there may be little you can do to prevent some losses, knowing the steps to take immediately after a loss can prevent further damage and buy time for professional conservators to restore your items’ beauty and value.

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    tips to protect your collections

    From the rare piece of artistic expression, to the finely crafted piece of jewelry – and most everything in between – Cincinnati’s Capstone Personal Articles coverage provides high-quality insurance protection for your precious personal collections. Help keep your collections safe from harm by taking time to properly clean, preserve and care for your personal property. Your agent and Cincinnati's risk management representatives can guide you and offer recommendations for leading service providers.

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